Is The 2022 4 Series More Luxury Than Performance?

For those unfamiliar with the BMW model lineup, the 4 series is a 2-door sedan adapted from the 3 series design. The 4 series is available as coupe or a convertible, as well as a 4-door gran coupe (which is essentially the 3 series with a different grille, but more on that later). For the new 2022 4 Series, all models have an available xDrive option, which is all-wheel drive instead of the base rear-wheel drive. The base line comes with a 2 liter 4-cylinder engine, whereas the M performance models have an upgraded 3 liter 6-cylinder engine. Prices start at $46,000 and run all the way up to around $90,ooo, and it is worth noting that on average the convertible option will price around $8,000 more for equivalent models.


Now that we’ve looked at the logistics, lets get to the fun part: the review. I was fortunate enough to be able to drive the 2020 430i xDrive Convertible equipped with the M Sport Package. It is worth noting that the M Sport Package essentially only buys you piano black exterior details, more aggressive rims, and M badging throughout the interior. In terms of performance, the engine and exhaust are exactly the same. That being said, those aesthetic differences were a nice touch. Especially the black accents, which made an aggressive sports car even more sporty. We’ll start by discussing the exterior, then interior, and lastly the driving experience.

Now that the misleading title of “M Sport Package” is out of the way, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the new grille. This is the first time in about 15 years that BMW has completely changed their grille design, and it also acts as the biggest distinguishing feature between the new 3 series and the 4 series gran coupe. It is also the only BMW vehicle to sport this new design, aside from the M3. While I think the old grille is a little more refined, it do think this new aggressive look encapsulates the sporty/bold body design they were trying to achieve with the overall body shape. In terms of the convertible, you will only find it with a black soft top, as opposed to other previous models that had optional tan and body-color frame tops. As much as I like the look of the car, I think a frame top would be much more practical to keep clean.


While the exterior may offer some new design ideas, the interior of the 4 series is essentially the same as any other BMW sedan. They have always kept things pretty consistent throughout their models, which I actually really like, so the only difference you will find is the top-up/down button and neck heater (which is an amazing feature I never even thought about). in the convertible version. I thought the seats were comfortable, and the visibility was surprisingly good for a car that sits low and has a soft top. The new operating system the same as last year, maybe a little more sleek but effectively the same. That being said, I found the HUD difficult to position well and somewhat finicky. I also thought the sound system was good, but could do with higher volume settings (especially considering there is a convertible option). Weirdly enough, the thing that I found myself returning to as a great feature was the large, borderless rear view mirror. Overall, I think the interior felt comfortable and luxury, it was nothing special for BMW.


Now for the important part of the review: the actual driving experience. All of my driving was done in fairly normal environments, like around town and on highways, and all in sunny conditions. Let’s start with the pros. The car cornered extremely well, with little-to-no understeer, and it felt pretty smooth despite how low it is. It was fast, responsive, and definitely turned heads. However, nothing really screamed sports car about it. It was very responsive compared to average vehicles, but it wasn’t touchy like you’d expect. It didn’t jump when you hit the gas, or scream for that matter. The exhaust was very tame for a BMW, which could be a good quality for some but not for me. From what I have seen, the M4 seems to make up for what the base 4 series doesn’t deliver in that way, but that will raise the price at least $20,000.


Overall, I think the 4 series is an interesting option because it really embodies sportiness in terms of looks, but the ride was much more on the luxury side of things. So with that, it would be a great vehicle for someone that wants an aggressive looking car without the obnoxious noise. But let’s be honest, that demographic is basically non-existent. If you are into cars enough to want those features, you would be better off saving money for the M series or simply look elsewhere.


2022 4 Series Coupe
2022 4 Series Interior
2022 4 Series Convertible

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