Is The 2022 4 Series More Luxury Than Performance?

For those unfamiliar with the BMW model lineup, the 4 series is a 2-door sedan adapted from the 3 series design. The 4 series is available as coupe or a convertible, as well as a 4-door gran coupe (which is essentially the 3 series with a different grille, but more on that later). For the new 2022 4 Series, all models have an available xDrive option, which is all-wheel drive instead of the base rear-wheel drive. The base line comes with a 2 liter 4-cylinder engine, whereas the M performance models have an upgraded 3 liter 6-cylinder engine. Prices start at $46,000 and run all the way up to around $90,ooo, and it is worth noting that on average the convertible option will price around $8,000 more for equivalent models.