About Us

At BMW Connect, we all share the same passion as our readers. We love cars, and we know that you do as well. Writing articles about them is not just to keep you updated, but also because we are interested in cars as well. BMWC started in 2020 and are based out of Morristown, NJ. The world of cars is huge, and while our initial interest is BMW, we would love to branch out into other brands of luxury performance vehicles.

We strive to create unique and relevant content that will help educate consumers. Our posts rely on research and first hand experiences to impart valuable and factual information onto readers. We hope to be innovative and original in all that way do, just like the brand we follow.

BMWC was created by Benjamin Krauser, our Head Writer, as a way of sharing news with other BMW enthusiasts. Ben’s interest in cars began in high school, and has only grown since. After realizing his preference for BMW vehicles, he began researching them and looking for opportunities to interact with them in person. His passion has made him an ideal source for news and information about their cars.

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